Q: Do you sell these figures?


A: No, these are all made as personal gifts to the person they are honouring and do not make them in mass production.



Q: How long does it take to make each figure?


A: It depends, sometimes the inspiration is strong and I know how I want to make it and then other times it can take months of thought to work out how to visually reperent the person as a LEGO figure.



Q: How much do they cost to make?


A: These are actually surprisingly expensive to make as I have to track down parts separately as well as having custom printing (not 3D printed) with my designs on the parts on average for every new member who joins the family I spend between $100-$150 AUS.


Q: Can I suggest a person to join the family and how do I do that?


A: I am always happy to hear new suggestions for me to consider to join the family. If you want to let me know of a Classicist you think I should consider please email me here:



Q: Is the LEGO Group aware of your work?


A: I can only assume they are but I am not in direct contact with them and none of my work is indorsed by them.


Q: Can I support your work?

A: Yes I have set up a Patreon account so that people may join the greater LC Family by helping fund my work, you can read more here: